GADSS Tester GT-1

The GT-1 is a compact, lightweight unit for testing of 406 MHz COSPAS/SARSAT ELT (ELT-DT) Emergency Beacons, HF/VHF/UHF (AM/FM) Communications avionic Systems, 121.5/243 MHz Short Range Emergency Beacons and AIS transmitters.

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GADSS Tester GT-1

Product Overview


The GT-1 is a compact, lightweight unit for testing of 406 MHz COSPAS/SARSAT ELT (ELT-DT) Emergency Beacons, HF/VHF/UHF (AM/FM) Communications avionic Systems, 121.5/243 MHz Short Range Emergency Beacons and AIS transmitters.

GT-1 completely complies to new requirements of U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration AC No: 91-44A of 2018, Canadian (CAR 571 Appendix G) and European (CAA/EuroCAE) requirements.

GADSS Tester GT-1 allows to:

  • Measure 406 MHz ELT (ELT-DT) frequency and output power. Decodes and displays all location and user protocols;

  • Measure VHF/UHF transmitter frequency, output power, AM and FM modulation and receiver sensitivity;

  • Measure HF transmitter frequency, output power, modulation (AM) and SSB USB/LSB receiver sensitivity;

  • Measure VHF/UHF antenna and feeder SWR in range;

  • Measure 121.5/243 Hz emergency beacon transmitter frequency, output power and AM modulation. Audio output for headphones to monitor swept tone;

  • Measure AIS transmitter frequency and output power; Decodes AIS message content;

  • Frequency counter provides external frequency measurement in range from 0.5 to 512 MHz.

  • Generation of ARINC 596 Selective Calling Tones (Mode: SELCAL)

  • Simulation of Localizer and Glideslope (CAT I, II and III). Signals with variable DDM settings.

  • Simulation of VOR beacon with variable bearing.

  • Simulation of Marker Beacon, Selectable Outer, Middle and Inner Tones.

Specification / Features

The GT-1 is very compact and lightweight that assures possibility to carry it in a hand.

 - Dimensions: 90 x 200 x 50 mmџ Weight: 0.4 kg
 - Automatic power shut-downџ Ergonomic design
 - User-friendly software for Mac OS and Windows

Connection to PC

After all tests are done usually it is required to process the measured data, prepare and print the test reports.

Thus the GADSS Tester can be easily connected to any PC or laptop.

The connection is carried out by means of standard USB A-USB A cable and special software available on this website.

Windows and Mac OS X are supported. The software is syncronized with cloud solution, so your measurements will be always avalaible online.

Multilanguage support.

Complete set of GADSS Tester GT-1

  • GADSS Tester GT-1 main unit
  • Power supply unit
  • Telescopic antenna
  • NMEA cable IN/OUT (DB9 open wire)
  • USB-A – USB-B cable
  • Package
  • VHF Power sensor VSWR meter (VHFPS1)
  • RF cable UHF male-UHF male RG58 1m
  • RF cable UHF female-UHF male RG58 0.5m
  • MF/HF Attenuator 40dB, 200W (optional)
  • RF cable N male-UHF male RG213 1m
  • RF cable N female-TNC male RG58 0.5m
  • Crushproof and watertight plastic box
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Technical Description and User Manual

Technical description


Frequency range

  • MF/HF band: 400 kHz to 30 MHz in 1Hz steps VHF band: 118 to 300 MHz in 1kHz steps UHF band: 300 to 512 MHz in 1kHz steps
  • Frequency accuracy: TCXO - 0.5 ppm
  • RF output level: 0 to -93 dBm in 1.0 dB steps
  • RF output level accuracy: ±3 dB
  • Modulation: CW / SSB / AM / AM-sweep (ELT-121.5) / FM(narrow)


Power Meter

  • Frequency Range: 30 to 512 Mhz Power Range: 0.1 to <60 W
  • AM Meter
  • Audio Range: 50 to 3500 Hz
  • Percent Modulation Range: 5% to 99% Accuracy: ±10% of reading

FM Meter

  • Audio Range: 50 to 3500 Hz
  • Deviation Range: 1 to 9999 Hz
  • Accuracy: ±(0.4 kHz + 10% of reading)

SWR Meter

  • Frequency Range: 118 to 512 MHz (VHF and UHF Bands) Accuracy: ±0.3, ±20% of reading

121.5/243 MHZ ELT:

  • Swept Audio Tone Range: 100 to 2000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: >= -65 dBm

406 MHZ ELT:

  • Sensitivity: >= -55 dBm

Video manuals

VHF Radio Test

VHF transceiver test with new avionics Multi Tester GT 1

Testing SWR of ELT’s antenna feeder

How to provide testing SWR of ELT’s antenna feeder


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