BT-611M Beacon Tester

BT-611M Test Procedure

Operation / Features

The BT-611M Tester is required for annual or issue inspections of beacon (ELT) after or during receiving of type approval. The precision beacon signal parameters are complicated, and could not be measured with the simplified handheld testers. The most complex task is measuring of frequency stability and phase modulation parameters important for reliable communication with satellite and accurate position calculation.

BT-611M Tester provides real time testing of distress beacons, such as ELT. The ELT Testing procedure is simple.

Simple steps are required: connect the Tester to PC, connect the beacon to tester, run the software, turn on the beacon and start the testing. All data will be displayed on PC.

BT-611M Tester provides:

  • Real time chart of the power and frequency values;
  • Real time Phase characteristic of the 406 MHz signal;
  • Real time charts with the frequency instability;
  • Real time charts with the phase deviation, phase asymmetry;
  • Complete table of the beacon (ELT) signal parameters;
  • All decoded data of the beacon (ELT);
The tester is desktop professional solution, user-friendly.

The tester can be used for testing of any COSPAS-SARSAT distress beacons such as ELT, PLB or marine EPIRBs.



406 MHz ELT Tester (Test Set)

406 MHz / 243 MHz / 121.5 MHz ELT TESTER is designed to check the avionics emergency locator transmitters (ELT) operating via COSPAS-SARSAT system. It provides accurate testing in volume of annual or maintenance requirements or fast check after ELT's encoding or installation in accordance with USA (FAA Part 91.207), Canada (CAR 571 Appendix G), Europe (CAA/EuroCAE) requirements.

ELT Tester Mini w/ Wi-Fi

ELT Tester Mini w/ W-Fi is third generation device designed to check the avionics emergency locator transmitters (ELT) operating via COSPAS-SARSAT system. Tester is operating with any mobile phone or desktop PC by means of Wi-Fi connection. It is small and light-weight. The ELT tester provides demodulation and complete decoding of Cospas-Sarsat messages. Test results will be displayed in your mobile phone, tablet or PC. All tests will be stored in internal memory for future use.

Beacon Simulator BG-105

Beacon Simulator BG-105 is high-precision simulator of Cospas-Sarsat emergency beacon messages. BG-105 allows to simulate up to five simultaneously operating beacons with messages overlay in time. The generator is intended to operate under PC control to provide the customization of main parameters of each simulated beacon on every of five channels by means of terminal program.

Airborne AIS Test Set

Airborne AIS Test Set provide reliable testing of Airborne/Aircraft Automatic Identification System operation. The AIS Test Set is intended for verification of marine and avionics AIS installations. The AIS Tester is specified equipment for radio surveyors, classification societies and administrative authorities. AIS Tester allows to test all type of AIS transponders of any manufacturer.

Sarsat Beacon Monitoring System

Cospas-Sarsat Distress Signal Homer Receiver is specially designed for 406MHz emergency radio beacon signals detection, reception, verifying, decoding and positioning. It is a wide range ground/mobile real-time COSPAS-SARSAT signal decoder designed to locate and verify emergency distress signals sent by any 406MHz ELT in local search area.

Aircraft Radio Test Set

The Aircraft Radio Test Set enables functional and verification testing of MF/HF/VHF airborne radio equipment, emergency locator transmitters as well as airborne AIS stations. Aircraft Radio Test Set is be used to diagnose faulty radio communications equipment while installed in the aircraft. Set fulfills the specific requirements for maintenance, repair and device verification after production.

AIS (AIS-SART) Tester Pro Lab

AIS (AIS-SART) Tester Pro Lab is designed for laboratories and manufactures of AIS and AIS-SARTs. The AIS Test Set is intended for verification AIS and AIS-SART parameters in real time with saving all received data. AIS Tester Pro Lab is extended version of AIS Tester M1, have the same features but allows to perform deep analysis of AIS and AIS-SART functions in real time.